Our story

Needle, thread and passion: an Italian story of creativity.

My grandmother, Alida Ferrini was born in 1898 in Salutio, a small town in Tuscany where, at the time, there was not yet electricity… She never would have imagined she would one day find herself virtually navigating the entire globe through the internet!

At a very young age, Alida began to embroider the prestigious ‘Pizzo Buratto’ (Buratto lace), by the light of an oil lamp. As time went by her passion slowly turned into an art.

With every day, her work became more beautiful and exceptional, starting to be appreciated by an ever-growing clientele. Marriageable young women requested her creations to enrich their trousseaus and, already by the end of the 1930s, my grandmother’s refined textiles and exquisite embroideries appeared in the houses of the most important Italian families.


Alida Ferrini, 1925

Giuseppina, 1954

Giuseppina ed Eleonora, 1971

In 1950, Italy began to recover from the desolation of world war two and rediscovered the pleasure of beauty.It was in this general atmosphere of enthusiasm that Alida opened her first shop, accompanied by her daughter Giuseppina and her niece Eleonora. The passion for that typically Italian savoir-faire that Alida passed down to her niece and daughter, gave life to creations that were appreciated by a constantly more demanding and international clientele.

In 1965, this ever-growing challenge led to the opening of their Florentine store in via Calimala. For many years, Giuseppina and Eleonora beautified a splendid corner in the center of Florence with their creations, becoming by all means a reference point for hand made high quality lingerie.

Since 2009, after a century of history, it is the shop of Borgo S. Jacopo that testifies the progression of this traditional artisanship.
A small, unique, corner of history in the heart of Florence, that tells the story of a passion strictly ‘made in Italy’, with a philosophy that originates from the past and looks to the future and to the demands of today’s life.
Here I carry on with pride a heritage of love, ability and imagination, that comes to life always and only in the heart of my city and spreads out to touch the hearts of our many beautiful clients around the world.

Today the name of Alida Ferrini may appear on the sheets of a bedroom in Paris, on the lingerie of a Saudi Princess, on the yacht of an American ship owner, on the table of an exclusive Florentine hotel and, whenever you’ll want, in your home.